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Children identify themselves with many different strengths according to their different social circles. We can’t be good at everything! Yet being good at something; whether it is a sport, or kindness, or generosity, or their sense of humour, can help a child find where they belong and be proud of themselves.
It is always important to focus on a child’s strengths. Hopefully they will see themselves in one of the characters in this book, and also be able to point out other children they recognize for the strengths that they possess!


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Erin McCormack

Erin is a storyteller who loves to see the world through a child’s eyes. Mother of two and always up for adventure, she loves to see children be supported in their strengths, encouraged to try new things, and be held accountable for their actions for the opportunity to learn and grow. Born among the forests, lakes, and woodland creatures of Sudbury Ontario, then moving to the big skies and prairies of Alberta and meeting her forever soulmate, Erin believes life is an adventure and we just need to remember to slow down and look at the world again in wonder and awe just as we did as a child.


The Woodchuck Woods Series

Celebrate the World of The Woodchuck Woods!


The first book of The Woodchuck Woods series is The Sparrow and the Raccoon. Sparrow learns a valuable lesson about rumours and reputation and the power of our words.

Follow the animals of The Woodchuck Woods as they experience real world situations and learn in a way where they are loved, forgiven and accepted for the animal they are no matter their differences.

**In bookstores and online in time for Christmas!

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